Examples of What You Can Learn ...

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  • Field survey techniques
  • Tissue culture techniques
  • Nutrition and marine grazing studies
  • Life cycle studies
  • Growth and rearing experiments
  • Breeding experiments (model organisms: guppy, medaka, zebrafish)
  • Handling and culturing of micro-organisms
  • Molecular biology, gene function, comparative genomics
  • Practical training in genetic resources and genetic engineering
  • Bioassays
  • Control of invasive species
  • SCUBA dive surveys, ecology projects and sampling
  • Sampling on various types of research vessel, both large and small
  • Net sampling of various kinds
  • Buoy-based basic data recording
  • CTD (Conductivity, Temperature & Depth): computerised oceanographic measurements of salinity & density, with additions such as simultaneous monitoring of dissolved oxygen & chlorophyll concentration

Post-March 2011 tsunami monitoring and recovery

Students have opportunities during their graduation research project to contribute to on-going efforts to revive the stricken communities and fishing-related industries of the Pacific coast of northeastern Japan.

  • Oceanographic and fisheries status monitoring
  • Basic research to improve local fishery and mariculture industries
  • Development of new fishery products and mariculture techniques

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