Examples of What You Can Learn ...

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  • Field survey techniques
  • Tissue culture techniques
  • Nutrition and marine grazing studies
  • Life cycle studies
  • Growth and rearing experiments
  • Breeding experiments (model organisms: guppy, medaka, zebrafish)
  • Handling and culturing of micro-organisms
  • Molecular biology, gene function, comparative genomics
  • Practical training in genetic resources and genetic engineering
  • Bioassays
  • Control of invasive species
  • SCUBA dive surveys, ecology projects and sampling
  • Sampling on various types of research vessel, both large and small
  • Various kinds of net sampling
  • Buoy-based basic data recording
  • CTD (Conductivity, Temperature & Depth): computerised oceanographic measurements of salinity & density, with additions such as simultaneous monitoring of dissolved oxygen & chlorophyll concentration


* Reviving the local fishery and mariculture industries

The activities of the Applied Marine Biology Group include responses to the disastrous effects of the tsunami which hit the coastal areas off Sendai in March, 2011, as part of the TEAMS Marine Science research programme. This response to the disaster provides students on the AMB course with extra opportunities for hands-on experience in various techniques as we monitor the oceanographic, fishing and maricultural aspects of recovery and contribute new ideas and know-how to speed-up revival.

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