Voices from International Students

Nicholas Treen
(UNITED KINGDOM, Graduate Student)

I first heard of Tohoku University from an article describing the city of Sendai in the journal Nature in 2006. Then I received a scholarship from the Japanese government to do postgraduate research and I was interested in studying at the laboratory of Aquacultural biology that has a long and respected history of research. I feel this university has a good atmosphere for intellectual thought to be nurtured.

The areas near Sendai are famous for their scallops and oysters. I research the mechanisms of reproduction in these shellfish. Understanding shellfish reproductive biology is vital to improving strategies for their cultivation.

I would like to establish myself as a scientist researching marine animals. Both the United Kingdom and Japan have a strong culture of academic research and I would like to position myself to take advantage of opportunity for collaboration between these two countries. The wealth of opportunities that studying in Japan has given me makes me grateful I chose to come here.

Huang Yong Qiang
(CHINA, Graduate Student)

The first time that I heard of Sendai was in the prose of the famous Chinese writer Lu Xun when I was in elementary school. Lu Xun attended Sendai Medical Academy (now Tohoku University School of Medicine) from 1904 and is now recognized as the first foreign student of the college. So, ever since my elementary school days, I made up my mind to go on to study in Japan one day.

Since Japan is a nation of islands, it is a marine nation and it is known well for its distinctive contributions to all areas of Aquaculture. Although not well publicized, Japan has made many significant contributions to aquaculture, and this history of practical and academic achievements is why it keeps its world leading position in aquaculture research. The areas of research that I am interested in include Aquatic Biology, Water Environmental Chemistry and Aquatic Genetics and Breeding.

The stimulating academic atmosphere and research environment also trigger me to go on with further study in Japan. Now, my dream came true and I am proud to be a member of one of the Marine Biology laboratories in Tohoku University. For these reasons, I cherish this valuable opportunity to continue to research on my major here, and I believe it will bring me significant experience that will be valuable for the rest of my life.

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