Laboratory of Environmental Crop Science
is located in Field Science Center, Graduate School of Agriculture, University in Naruko Onsen, Osaki, Miyagi Prefecture, which is 70km north of Sendai. We studying on the development of environmentally friendly crop production technology based on field research.

More specifically,
  1. Phosphorus is one of the essential elements for plant and its depletion of resources is concerned. To use phosphorus efficiently for crop production, we investigate the effective use of symbiotic soil microorganisms, “arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi”, which colonize plant roots and absorb phosphorus more efficiently. Also, the effective way to use phosphorus in compost for crop production is studied.
  2. To maintain and enhance biodiversity around rice fields, we study the effect of the organic farming technology “Winter Flooding Paddy Fields” on biodiversity and physic-chemical properties of soils.
  3. To use waste cake from water purification plant efficiently for resources, we are developing the technology of effective use of polysilicate iron (PSI) sludge for rice production. This material has potential functions to mitigate emission of methane (one of greenhouse gases) from rice field and to improve rice growth as well.
  4. A newly developed compost, “acidulo compost” which is fermented with lactic acid bacteria, is studied in terms of its effective weed control function.
  5. Plant roots are important to organ to absorb water and nutrients from soil. We are developing a new method to measure the growth rate of the roots during cultivation and evaluating its impact on soil carbon dynamics.


    Professor: Masanori SAITO / CV
    Associate Professor: Toyoaki ITO / CV
    Assistant Professor: Ryosuke TAJIMA / CV / Personal website
    Technician: Toru UNO
    Research Fellow: Takae SUZUKI
    Research Support Assistant: Aya ABE
    Research Support Assistant: Yoko SATO
    Graduate Student: Toru UNO
    Graduate Student: Hisashi NASUKAWA
    Graduate Student: Yuto NAKANO
    Graduate Student: Wataru MATSUZAKI
    Graduate Student: Tomohiro WATANABE
    Undergraduate Student: Kensuke Oshima
    Undergraduate Student: Risa SUEKI
    Undergraduate Student: Kyoko SUGA



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