Environmental Crop Science

Laboratory for Understanding Crop and Environment

For understanding Crop and Environment

Our laboratory is located in Field Science Center, Graduate School of Agriculture, University in Naruko Onsen, Osaki, Miyagi Prefecture, which is about 70km north of Sendai. We studying on the development of environmentally friendly crop production technology based on field research.

More specifically,

 To maintain and enhance biodiversity around rice fields, we study the effect of the organic farming technology “Winter Flooding Paddy Fields” on biodiversity and physic-chemical properties of soils.

Plant roots are important to organ to absorb water and nutrients from soil. We are developing a new method to measure the growth rate of the roots during cultivation and evaluating its impact on soil carbon dynamics.


Professor: Mizuhiko NISHIDA

Associate Professor: Ryosuke TAJIMA

Postdoctoral fellow: Yoshiki TOKONAMI

Postdoctoral fellow: Muxiye

Staff: Atsushi KONNO

M2: Atsuko SASAKI


M1: Minori MORI



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    Kawatabi Field Center, Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tohoku University

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