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2012/09/11 A novel mechanism of the synthesis of photosynthetic carbon-fixing enzymeRubisco

Dr. Suzuki and Prof. Makino (Laboratory of Plant Nutrition and Function)revealed that the transcript level of Rubisco large subunit is positivelyregulated by the amount of Rubisco small subunit synthesized in the synthesis of Rubisco holoenzyme in rice leaves. This result represents a novel mechanism interms of cross-talk between a nucleus and chloroplasts in a plant cell. Thisfinding has been published in Plant Physiology in September, 2012.Suzuki Y and Makino A (2012)Availability of Rubisco Small Subunit Up-Regulates the Transcript Levels ofLarge Subunit for Stoichiometric Assembly of Its Holoenzyme in Rice. PlantPhysiology 160: 533–540.