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2015/11/11The world’s first international center for education and research specializing in “food and agricultural immunology” (CFAI) was established in April 2015 at Tohoku University Graduate School of Agricultural Science.

The missions of CFAI are:
1) to establish a new academic filed of “agricultural immunology” via cross-disciplinary research on immunology and agronomy, namely crops, livestock and marine products.
2) to set up a system to produce crops, livestock and marine products that does not rely solely on drugs. Additionally, to develop systems to evaluate the safety and functionality of food as well as perform diagnosis in terms of physical and social sciences.
3) to contribute to the globalization of Tohoku University by training young researchers who will take next-generation research techniques forward, in the fields of agricultural immunology and food science.
4) to commercially apply the new food systems thus developed in the field, thereby contributing to public health and longevity.