Sustainable Animal Environmental Science


Our laboratory is interested in relationship between animals, microorganisms and environment. Many environmental factors in burns, pasture, wild animals and microorganisms should be controlled for producing healthy animals. Manure, wastewater and zoonotic microorganisms should be properly treated for the protection of human life and natural environment.
Our goal of research and education is the production of healthy animals and the creation of the harmonization between animal production and environment.

Research subject and key words

  • Epidemiological and genetic analysis of pathogenic protozoa and bacteria
  •  cryptosporidia, coccidia, pathogenic E. coli, PCR, DNA sequence
  • Chemotherapoitic and immunological control of protozoan diseases
  •  cryptosporidia, coccidia, in vitro culture, monoclonal antibody, recombinant vaccine
  • Microbial flora in animal waste treatment systems
  •  PCR, DGGE, DNA sequence
  • Functional microorganisms in animal waste treatment systems
  •  degradation of malodorous compounds, wastewater treatment, composting


Associated professor
Chika TADA
Assistant Professor
Yasuhiro FUKUDA
Technical Assistant

Graduate School of Agricultural Science , Tohoku Univ.
Division of Biological Resource Sciences , Department of Animal Production Science
Sustainable Animal Environmental Science
  • Sendai Lab.
  •  468-1 Aramaki Aza Aoba, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, 980-0845, Japan
  • Kawatabi Lab.
  •  232-3 Yomogida Naruko-onsen Oosaki, Miyagi, 989-6711 Japan

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