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Original Papers

Total synthesis of (-)-gambierol
H. Fuwa, N. Kainuma, K. Tachibana and M. Sasaki
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 124, 14983-14992 (2002)

Total synthesis of gambierol
H. Fuwa, M. Sasaki, M. Satake and K. Tachibana
Org. Lett., 4, 2981-2984 (2002)

Progress toward the total synthesis of ciguatoxins: A convergent synthesis of the FGHIJKLM ring fragment
H. Takakura, M. Sasaki, S. Honda, and K. Tachibana
Org. Lett., 4, 2771-2774 (2002)

Studies toward the total synthesis of gymnocin-A, a cytotoxic polyether: A highly convergent entry to the F-N ring fragment
M. Sasaki, C. Tsukano and K. Tachibana
Org. Lett., 4, 1747-1750 (2002)

Intramolecular radical cyclization-ring-closing metathesis approach to fused polycyclic ethers. Convergent synthesis and conformational analysis of the (E)FGH ring system of ciguatoxin
M. Sasaki, T. Noguchi and K. Tachibana
J. Org. Chem., 67, 3301-3310 (2002)

A general strategy for the convergent synthesis of fused polycyclic ethers via B-alkyl Suzuki coupling. Synthesis of the ABCD ring fragment of ciguatoxin
M. Sasaki, M. Ishikawa, H. Fuwa and K. Tachibana
Tetrahedron, 58, 1889-1991 (2002)


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