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Original Papers

NMR conformational analysis of biosynthetic precursor-type lipid A: monomolecular state and supramolecular assembly
M. Oikawa, T. Shintaku, N. Fukuda, H. Sekljic, Y. Fukase, H. Yoshizaki, K. Fukase and S. Kusumoto
Org. Biomol. Chem., 2, 3557-3565 (2004)

Diverted Total Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Gambierol Analogues. Elucidation of Crucial Structural Elements for Potent Toxicity
H. Fuwa, N. Kainuma, K. Tachibana, C. Tsukano, M. Satake and M. Sasaki
Chem. Eur. J., 10, 4894-4909 (2004)

One-pot preparation and activation of glycosyl trichloroacetimidates: Operationally simple glycosylation induced by combined use of solid-supported, reactivity-opposing reagents
M. Oikawa, T. Tanaka, N. Fukuda and S. Kusumoto
Tetrahedron Lett., 45, 4039-4042 (2004)

Synthesis of the CDE/FG ring models of prymnesins: Reassignment of the relative configuration of the E/F ring juncture
M. Sasaki, M. Ebine, H. Takagi, H. Takakura, T. Shida, M. Satake, Y. Oshima, T. Igarashi and T. Yasumoto
Org. Lett., 6, 1501-1504 (2004)

Convergent synthesis of the ABCDE ring fragment of ciguatoxins
H. Fuwa, S. Fujikawa, K. Tachibana, H. Takakura and M. Sasaki
Tetrahedron Lett., 45, 4795-4799 (2004)

Alkoxyacetyl (AAc) group as a useful linker for organic synthesis on poly(ethylene glycol) support
M. Oikawa, M. Ikoma and M. Sasaki
Tetrahedron Lett., 45, 2371-2375 (2004)

Simple formylacetal (CH2) as a novel linker for saccharide synthesis on soluble-polymer support
M. Oikawa, T. Tanaka, S. Kusumoto and M. Sasaki
Tetrahedron Lett., 45, 787-790 (2004)

Reviews and Accounts

Total synthesis of polycyclic ether natural products based on Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling
M. Sasaki and H. Fuwa
Synlett, 1851-1874 (2004)

佐々木 誠
化学と工業, 57, 1276-1279 (2004)

化学, 59, 8, 33-37 (2004)

化学と工業, 57, 53 (2004)


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