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Last Update 2-Apr-2015
Original Papers

Potassium currents inhibition by gambierol analogs prevents human T lymphocyte activation
J. A. Rubiolo, C. Vale, V. Martin, H. Fuwa, M. Sasaki, and L. M. Botana
Arch. Toxicol., published online.

Concise synthesis of the C15-C38 fragment of okadaic acid, a specific inhibitor of protein phosphatases 1 and 2A
H. Fuwa, K. Sakamoto, T. Muto, and M. Sasaki
Tetrahedron, 71, accepted for publication (2015).
Invited article for the Professor Jiro Tsuji Special Issue.

Concise Synthesis of the C15-C38 Fragment of Okadaic Acid: Application of Suzuki-Miyaura Reaction to Spiroacetal Synthesis
H. Fuwa, K. Sakamoto, T. Muto, and M. Sasaki
Org. Lett., 17, 366-369 (2015).

Concise synthesis of the A/BCD-ring fragment of gambieric acid A
H. Fuwa, R. Fukazawa, and M. Sasaki
Front. Chem., 2, 116 (2015).

Evaluation of gambierol and its analogs for their inhibition of human Kv1.2 and cytotoxicity
K. Konoki, Y. Suga, H. Fuwa, M. Yotsu-Yamashita, and M. Sasaki
Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 25, 514-518 (2015).

Total synthesis, stereochemical reassignment, and biological evaluation of (-)-lyngbyaloside B
H. Fuwa, Y. Okuaki, N. Yamagata, and M. Sasaki
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 15, 868-873 (2015).

Studies toward the total synthesis of amphidinolide N: Stereocontrolled synthesis of the C13-C29 segment
M. Sasaki, Y. Kawashima, and H. Fuwa
Heterocycles, 90, 579-599 (2015).

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