Our mission and research

Our mission and research

We promote basic creative and exploratory research to investigate the life of organisms, and to develop such research in harmony with nature, while paying careful attention to bioethics and safety. We contribute to the creation of a new area of biological sciences for future bio-industries, using sophisticated and diverse functions of various organisms, includlng micro-organisms, plants and animals. Through various research projects, We provide students with academic opportunities which enable them to become researchers and engineers with well-developed academic curiosity and inquisitive minds. We encourage them to strive to resolve various issues in agriculture and related areas with a strong sense of purpose, and to accomplish their objectives with a rich sense of social responsibility and a wide international outlook.


We provide students with academic opportunities for leaning across a broad range of knowledge and technology concerning food, health, and the environment. We offer programs for students who wish to become leaders with a heightened awareness of agricultural issues, to contribute to production and utilization of biological resources, production of food, promotion of health, protection of genetic resources and nurturing of the environment.

Graduate school

We design programs for students who wish to acquire a high level of knowledge and expertise concerning food, health and the environment. We offer students the opportunity to become talented leaders who can initiate and accomplish agricultural research projects independently and logically. We guide researchers in using appropriate advanced technologies in bioscience and biotechnology and in acquiring the ability to contribute to the creation of future bio-industries from a global perspective.


Based on knowledge of agricultural sciences, we perform basic research involving food, health and environmental issues, and develop applied research to promote industries which make use of various organisms. This emphasis on bio-industries and biotechnology is at the core of an international academic center of agricultural research. We also promote an advanced research approach that combines bioscience and environmental economics. Using this approach, we aim to create a biological production system that takes advantage of naturally available resources with the capability of maximizing the value of multi-faceted agricultural and food resources. In conjunction with the Integrated Field Science Center and the Integrated Marine Research Center we promote basic research on biological production systems which are in harmony with the environment, throughout individual ecosystems involving land, the atmosphere, freshwater, the ocean, and human life. We have a system in place which holds bioethical considerations in high regard and effectively returns our study results to society.