Integrative Aquatic Biology


Everbearing strawberry plant with no flower

A: Foreground of our laboratory (attached to Field Science Center in Tohoku Univ.)

B: DNA barcode of fi sh.

C: Genetic relationships among color variants of sea cucumber.

D: DNA sequencer.

E: Experimental facility for the ballast water study.

F: Research vessel "Suiko".

In Laboratory of integrative Aquatic Biology (LIAB), we concentrate on the study and education for aquatic field. The goal of our study is to establishthe integrative systems including effective utilization of ocean space and sustainable yield of aquatic organisms.
We work wide range of topics as follows:
1)Conservation and population genetics researches of aquatic animals and sea weedsusing DNA markers;
2)Elucidating of inheritance modes of economical traits in shellfish through traditional crossing experiments and the breedings;
3)Complex study of biology and environmental engineering to control and manage biological invasion through ship's ballast water



poulation genetics, phylogeography, conservation genetics, DNA markers, fish, marine invertebrates

  • Minoru IKEDA

    Minoru IKEDA(Professor)

    Tel : +81-225-53-2436
    Fax : +81-225-53-2436
    E-mail : minoru.ikeda.a6* replace * with @)

    Research interest:

    Conservation genetics and poulation structure in aquatic organisms

  • Takefumi YORISUE

    Takefumi YORISUE(Assistant professor)

    Tel : +81-225-53-2436
    Fax : +81-225-53-2303
    E-mail : takefumi.yorisue.d5* replace * with @)

    Research interest:

    benthic ecology, larval ecology, sessile organisms, deep-sea research