Food and Biodynamic Chemistry



Highly-sensitive analysis ofblood lipid peroxide by 4000 QTRAP LC-MS/MS

Studies on chemical structures, metabolisms and physiological significancesof food components and bioactive natural products are currently beingaddressed in our laboratory to explain their health effects in humans. Somenovel molecules and functions of food constituents and nutrients have beendiscovered, and new foodstuffs and products have been developed.
1)Development of new methodologies for quantifying lipids, fatty acidsvitamins, carotenoids , flavonoids, and other food constituents, including;their metabolites in humans and experimental animals.
2)Sensitive analysis of lipid hydro peroxides in blood and cell tissues inhyperlipidemia, diabetes, and senile dementia, using CL-HPLC and LCMS/MS.
3)Molecular mechanism and application oftocotrienols as telomerase inhibitor and antiangiogeniccompound.
4)Structural elucidation and function of deoxyfructosylamino lipids as amino-carbonylreaction product in diabetic plasma.
5)Anti-hyperglycemic function of amino sugarsfound in mulberry plant.
6)Neuroprotectional function of marine plasmalogenin improvement of Altzheimer disease.



Food chemistry, nutrition, lipid oxidation, Maillard reaction, tocotrienol, deoxynojirimycin, carotenoids, plasmalogen, LC-M

  • Kiyotaka NAKAGAWA

    Kiyotaka NAKAGAWA(Professor)

    Field of Specialization

    Analytical methods for food and biological constituents

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    Professional experience :

    2000 Research Scientist, Industrial Technology Institute, Miyagi Prefectural Government, Japan
    2003 Assistant professor, Food & Biodynamic Chemistry Laboratory, Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tohoku University, Japan
    2004 Associate Professor, Food & Biodynamic Chemistry Laboratory, Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tohoku University, Japan

    Research interest:
    • My interest is studies targeting ??-glucosidase inhibition, antiangiogenic effects, and lipid modification regulation.
    • These studies are currently being investigated, with an emphasis on analytical techniques, in order to develop food ingredients for therapeutic purposes.