Forest ecology


a) An old growth hardwood forest.

a) An old growth hardwood forest.

a) An old growth hardwood forest.

b) Recovery of species-diversity in a conifer plantation.

Mechanisms of biomass production,reproduction and biodiversity of treespecies are studied at gene, individual,population and community levels.
1)Mechanisms of maintenance of species-and genetic diversity of treespecies in temperate and tropicalforests.
2)Recovery of biodiversity and ecosystemfunctioning in forest communities.
3)Life-history strategies of woodyplants.



Species diversity, genetic diversity, ecosystem functioning, forest dynamics, biological conservation

  • Kenji Seiwa

    Kenji Seiwa(Professor)

    Tel : +81-229-84-7396
    Fax : +81-229-84-6490
    E-mail : kenji.seiwa.e4* replace * with @)

    Research interest:
    • Mechanisms of maintaining specie-diversity in forest ecosystems
    • Ecosystem functioning in forest ecosystems
    • Recovery of species diversity in managed forests
    • Seed size, phenology, leaf habits, defense and seedling establishment
  • oshihisa Suyama

    Yoshihisa Suyama(Associate Professor)

    Tel : +81-229-84-7359
    Fax : +81-229-84-6490
    E-mail : yoshihisa.suyama.e2* replace * with @)

    Research interest:

    We study the molecular ecology of plant species mainly focusing on spatial genetic structure of forest trees, conservation genetics of endangered plant species, reproductive biology of clonal plants, and palaeo-ecogenomics based on ancient DNA analysis. We use a combination of molecular and ecological approaches in both domestic and international fields.

  • Yu Fukasawa

    Yu Fukasawa(Assistant Professor)

    Tel : +81-229-84-7359
    Fax : +81-229-84-7397
    E-mail : yu.fukasawa.d3* replace * with @)

    Research interest:
    • Biodiversity in dead wood
    • Fungal decomposition of dead wood and their impact on dead wood communities
    • Biodiversity and ecosystem function or stability
    • Ecological networking