Plant Science

Crop Science


Study for increasing yields and improving cultivation management of crops for foods and industrial materials


Crops cultivated on large fields support human food and livelihood, and are substantial for the sustainable development of the world. However, future production is not guaranteed due to the effects of such as global warming and soil degradation. The production is also strongly affected by social changes as depopulation and aging. Under these circumstances, our laboratory intends to contribute to the development of agriculture.

For the purpose, we conduct field investigation in farmers’ fields to quantitatively evaluate the production constraints and their improvement. Field experiments are also conducted in the area of crop physiology and ecology in relation to the productivity. Remote sensing is one of the major technologies that we focus recently. Statistical or simulation models are also one of the research topics. Our studies conducted not only in the university and in Japan, but also overseas.


Rice, Soybean, Yield, Production constraints, Simulation model. Remote sensing.