Marine Biosciences Course

Marine & Coastal Ecosystem Science


We strive to explore a new field of study on Seascape Genetics or Genomics by combining studies of population genetics and marine ecosystem & environmental sciences.


Our laboratory is located in the Onagawa Field Center. The surrounding Sanriku coastal area, where the Oyashio and Kuroshio currents meet, is a highly productive ecosystem and one of the most important fishing grounds in the world. Studying the diversity of the coastal environment, the diversity of species, the genetic diversity within species, and the impact of human activities on these in this area will provide fundamental knowledge to elucidate the complex production systems in the coastal zone, and will be a guide for the conservation and sustainable use of the coastal environment. We aim to contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of marine living resources by understanding the dynamics of the environment and organisms as well as the evolution and genetic population structure of marine organisms in Onagawa Bay and other coastal marine areas.


Ecological genetics, Conservation genetics, Marine ecology, Community ecology, Environmental dynamics