Animal Science

Animal Breeding and Genetics


Studies on genetic evaluation to efficiently improve the economic traits of livestock


The aim of animal breeding and genetics is to efficiently improve the genetic performance of domesticated animals such as livestock, experimental animals, et al. To achieve this, we have been studying the genetic evaluation and breeding strategies mainly for pigs and beef cattle. Our research subjects are as follows:

  1. Theoretical studies on genetic improvement and conservation of genetic resources for livestock.
  2. Genetic evaluation criteria for reproduction, meat quality, feed efficiency, disease resistance, and heat resistance in pigs.
  3. Genetic improvement for reproduction, meat quality, feed efficiency, and methane-related traits in Wagyu.
  4. Genetic improvement for reproduction, disease resistance, and methane-related traits in dairy cattle.
  5. Genetic evaluation using information on genomic markers in cattle and pigs.



Cattle, Pigs, Economic traits, Genetic improvement, Genetic evaluation, Selection, Genomic information, Animal genetic resources