Agricultural Economics

Regional Resource Planning


Our research aims at sustainable development of rural areas in Japan and other Asian countries, based on economics analysis, remote sensing data, geographical information system and information technology. Our major themes are as follows:
1) Assessment of available quantity, proper distribution and use plans of agricultural resources.
2) Research on the management organization which deals with agricultural resources of rural areas in Japan and other Asian countries and study on its functions.
3) International comparison in agricultural structure and farming management including new agricultural systems and farming policies.
4) Application of remote sensing data and GIS to understand integrated field science.
5) Analysis of unused agricultural fields and calculation of rice-paddy acreage using satellite and airborne remote sensing data.
6) Construction of community system with a good combination of environment and economy, by integrating social science and natural science.

Making consensus simulation with inhabitant


Field Science, Interdisciplinary approach, Management, Sociotechnical System, Remote Sensing, Earth Science, GIS (Geographical Information Science), SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar)