Plant Science

Forest Ecology


We conduct forest molecular ecology research for the conservation of species and genetic diversity of world forest plants and endangered species. We are also studying forest microbes, including their community structure, distribution, relationship with climate change, and interaction with other organisms. Through these efforts, we aim to understand the ecology and diversity of living organisms left in the world and build the next generation that coexists with its richness.

<Research Theme>

1) Conservation Genomics: population genomic analysis for conservation of endangered species

2) Molecular Phylogenetics: comprehensive distribution survey and DNA analysis for global biodiversity conservation

3) Population Genomics and Molecular Phylogeography: population genomic analysis for conservation of local genetic diversity

4) Development of Next-generation DNA Analysis Methods: highly accurate DNA identification for protecting the rights of cultivar breeders

5) Forest microbial ecology: Its community structure and function



Rare species, Red Databook, genetic diversity, molecular phylogenetic analysis, species diversity, new species, tropical forests, international contributions, nature conservation, genetic regionality, genetic population structure, gene flow, population differentiation, MIG-seq, DNA identification, origin identification, DNA barcode, ancient DNA, wood decay bacteria, nurse log, fungal intelligence