International Integrative Research and Instruction Unit


The Applied Marine Biology (AMB) course brings together students and faculty members from a variety of academic backgrounds and geographic localities to foster a collective international mindset when it comes to matters of ocean education and conservation. Having personally conducted my graduate work outside of my home country of Canada, I recognize the unique challenges international students face when adjusting to a new country, and its language and culture. English language instruction provides a common platform for students to gain a solid background in the expanding field of Applied Marine Biology and an opportunity for students to discover the local culture and language along-side their international student peers. Tohoku University spans multiple campuses in Sendai City, with the Graduate School of Agriculture Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture featuring a state-of-the-art facility on the beautiful Aobayama campus.



International, Multidisciplinary, Marine Sciences, Molecular Biology, Genomics, Fisheries, Scientific Writing, Systematics, Phylogenetics, Bioinformatics