Chemistry and Life Science

Applied Biological Molecular Science


The major aims in our laboratory are to clarify the biomolecule functions related to human diseases, proteinous toxin and food sciences from insights of three-dimensional protein structure. Then, we are applying/developing new technology using features of their biomolecules.
A multidisciplinary methods such as X-ray crystal and electron microscopic analyses of the biomolecules, thermodynamic analysis, molecular cloning of the proteins, isolation, purification and structure analysis of proteins isolated from natural sources, elutidation of enzymatic reaction with HPLC and LC/MS are employed for our researches.
As mentioned as “seeing is believing”, visualization of molecule gives us important clues to understand molecular mechanism. And, it is impressive study. I would like to share the impression with you and create a new research field.

Cryo-EM structure of squid hemocyanin (left) and crystal structure of Habu snake myonecrosis toxin (right)



Protein, protein engineering, X-ray crystallography, electron microscopy, pathogenic microorganisms, host-guest chemistry, lection, biomineralization