Biological Chemistry

Plant Nutrition


Elucidating the mechanisms of photosynthesis and nitrogen utilization in plants, and realizing sustainable society by increasing food production!


The life of humankind depends on the autotrophic nature of higher plants. At present, the plants are being subjected to rapid changes in climate, atmospheric compositions and land use caused by activities of human societies. To coexist with the plants, we need to understand the fundamental responses and acclimation of the autotrophic system of higher plants to the global changes. And we must realize sustainable society by increasing food production.

From these viewpoints, we are studying on environmental responses and acclimation of photosynthesis, and utilization of nutrients especially carbon and nitrogen, at the levels of the molecular to whole-plant biology.



Photosynthesis, Rubisco, Chloroplast, Autophagy, Carbon and nitrogen assimilation, Crop production, Rice, Arabidopsis