Information on responding to COVID-19 and Influenza infection

We would like to inform you of our response to the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) since May 8, as follows.

 As of May 8, 2023, “new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)” has been classified as a Category 5 infectious disease under the Infectious Disease Control Law, the same status as “seasonal influenza. From now on, various aids for those who test positive for the disease will be phased out. However, the virus has not disappeared, and we ask that you continue to take the following actions.
For the university’s policy, please refer to the “New Coronavirus BCP Response Guide” on the Tohoku University website.

(1) Measures to prevent the spread of infection (laboratories, lecture rooms, etc.)
・Please continue to take basic measures to prevent the spread of infection indoors, such as avoiding proximity, ventilation, etc. 
・Please follow the instructions for the use of co-ops and libraries.
(2) Measures to be taken at the individual level
・Continuing to wash hands and disinfect hands as a habit is effective in preventing infectious diseases.
・Wearing a mask is an individual decision, but in addition to when symptoms are present, wearing a mask is recommended in crowded and dense environments and in situations where the government states that wearing a mask is effective. Please respect the individual’s independent judgment in putting on and taking off the mask.
・Please refer to other information from Miyagi Prefecture and Sendai City (links below).
(3) Classes, etc. (Specialized education courses in the Faculty of Agriculture and Graduate School of Agricultural Science)
    Classes will be held in person to prevent the spread of infection.
    You may be asked to wear a mask depending on the spread of infection.
(4) Measures to be taken in case of infection (suspension from school based on the School Health and Sanitation Law)
      Please refer to the flow chart of the Faculty of Agriculture version in [Materials and Information].

<In case of the patient>
・When some symptoms of suspected new-type coronavirus infection are recognized, please visit a medical institution or conduct an antigen qualitative test.
 The consultation counter in Miyagi Prefecture and Sendai City is “Medical Consultation Information Center”.
 0120-056-203 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
・ If “positive”: Suspend school attendance (refrain from going out) for 5 days, with the day of onset of symptoms as the 0th day.
 Return to school will be on the 6th day or 24 hours after symptoms have abated, whichever is later.
・Please take measures to prevent the spread of infection, such as masks, until the 10th day after the onset of symptoms.
・No tracking of positive cases will be conducted within the university.
・In the case of suspension from school, the treatment will be the same as for influenza and other illnesses.
 Please consult with your academic advisor, the instructor in charge of lectures, or the contact person in charge of teaching.
    A medical certificate from a medical institution is not required.

<If a person living with you tests positive>
There will be no investigation by the public health center.
Please isolate the person living with you at home.
Please keep your roommate in good physical condition for 5 days from the day of onset of illness as day 0.
Wear a non-woven mask when going outside until the 7th day, just in case.
If you test positive yourself, please follow the instructions in “In case of the patient”.

【Materials and Information】
〇大学からのお知らせInformation from the University of Tohoku
(Attachment 1) Countermeasures for New Type Corona Infections: Flow Chart for Responding to Persons Who Are Unwell (May 8, 2023 version)
(別紙2)新型コロナ感染症対策 対応Q&A(令和5年5月8日版)
(Attachment 2) Countermeasures against new coronavirus infection: Q&A (May 8, 2023 edition)
(Attachment 3) Infection control leaflet