One Day Field Excursion

Learning agriculture, foods and environment of Japan in Kawatabi Field Science Center

1) Schedule: May 18 (Sat), 2024
⮚ 08:30 Departure: Kawauchi Campus (North),Tohoku University (chartered bus)
⮚ 10:30 Arrival: Kawatabi Field Science Center
⮚ 10:30-12:30 Agricultural fields tour I (paddy, etc.) and experience (rice planting)
⮚12:30-13:10 Lunch
⮚13:10-15:30 Agricultural fields tour II (walking in field, visiting cattle range etc.)
⮚ 15:30 Departure: Kawatabi Field Science Center
⮚ 17:40 Arrival: Kawauchi Campus
2) Entry fee:
Free for Tohoku University students
3) Registration and inquiry
Please register beforehand.  In case over capacity, selection will be made by first-come-first-served basis.
Deadline of registration is May 14(Tue), 2024.   Maximum Participants: 30 for international students (first served).
The detailed information will be notified to the applicant by e-mail soon after the deadline.
If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to kyodou-riyou* (please replace * with @).