Sendai Municipal Housing Applications (Point-based), June 2023

Applications should be made directly.
Those interested should pick up the application materials from local ward office or one of the other distribution centers.
Application period: June 6 to June 16, 2023.
Application method: Submit required documents by post (postmarked by June 16).
How to apply: Choose one municipal housing unit, fill out the application form attached to the application guide and post it in the provided envelope by the application deadline.
“Point-based” System: Points will be calculated for each applicant’s level of necessity based on the “Housing Hardship Assessment Form” portion of the application form. Housing will be assigned to those with the most points first. In cases where a number of applicants have the same number of points, housing will be assigned by lottery.
 Inquiries: (Public Utility Foundation) Sendai Housing Application Collection Dept.
(Sendai-shi Kensetsu Kosha Jutakubu Boshuka)
Links: Sendai Municipal Housing Applications (Point-based), June 2023