Name Naoki ABE
Affiliation Research Associate
Tel +81-22-757-4356
Fax +81-22-757-4356
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Research Interest Microbial Application
Career B.S. Faculty of Agriculture, Tohoku Univ. (1985), Master’s (Agri.)(1988)
Research map
Research Projects
  1. Elucidation of microbial degradation mechanisms of biodegradable plastics and biopolymers : Since these materials are made from renewable plant resources and are highly biodegradable, they are attracting attention as important materials for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Rapid biodegradation by microorganisms is the key to maintaining a resource-recycling society, and we are working to elucidate the mechanisms and improve the capabilities of microorganisms.
  2. Development of Plant-Based Natural Anti-Axillary Odor Bacteria Substances : Many people suffer from armpit odor (arachnid). Many people suffer from armpit odor, and it has become a social problem as people become “reclusive” to avoid others. Therefore, we have isolated and determined the structure of a safe and reliable substance that has antibacterial activity only against the bacteria that cause armpit odor. Therefore, we are working to isolate and determine the structure of a safe and reliable substance that exhibits antibacterial activity against only the bacteria that cause armpit odor.
Research Seeds

1.Providing culture collections of Myxobacteria and teaching isolation methods :Myxobacteria are a type of soil bacterium that lives by secreting antibiotics and lytic enzymes that kill or lyse other bacteria and use their nutrients. They also have a special property in which each cell gathers together to form a fruiting body and some of the cells inside transform into spores. In Japan, there is no research institute that treats Myxobacteria as a genetic resource for the production of useful substances, but they are a bacterial species with great potential. We can provide you with the strains that we have isolated in the past, as well as guidance on how to isolate new strains in the future.