Name Tomoko IMOTO
Affiliation Associate Professor
Tel +81-22-757-4181
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Research Interest Environmental Economics, Agricultural Economics
Career Education:B.S. Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu Univ. PhD (Agri.)(2009) Research Experience: Doctoral Researcher, The Institute Statistical Mathematics (2009-2011), Assis. Prof., Tokyo Institute of Technology (2011-2016), Associate Professor, Tohoku University (2016-)
Research map
Research Projects
  1. Food environmental valuation and analysis
    “Food”, which is indispensable for us, is becoming more diverse in eating habits and purchasing methods. On the other hand, as represented by food loss, there is a social demand for effective use of food resources. We are aiming for building a society where everyone can spend happiness through analysis of food trends in society, such as the influence of online purchasing methods, the relationship between eating habits and happiness, and food kitchen for children.
  2. Agriculture and Environment consumer valuation, policy simulation
    Agriculture is an industry that utilizes the environment, and in order to realize sustainable agriculture, not only the intentions of producers, but also the preferences of consumers who purchase agricultural products and the relationships between local actors are important. Based on on-site surveys, we are conducting simulation research based on the natural environment of producers, consumers, government, and the region.
  3. Landscape, tourism, view of nature, land use research on Natural environment
    There are various issues facing the natural environment in modern society, and we consider that there are multiple approaches to this. For example, we showed that the image and feelings for nature (= conception of nature) are different for each person, and that conservation behavior for the natural environment is related to the conception of nature.