Affiliation Assistant Professor
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Career 2011-2017: Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tohoku University, Laboratory of Environmental Plant Biotechnology 2014-2017: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, DC1 Special Researcher 2017-2019: Research and Development Division, Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. 2019-2022: Researcher, IntegriCulture Inc. 2019-Present: Board Chairperson, Cellular Agriculture Institute of the Commons (NPO) 2022-Present: Assistant Professor, Laboratory of Environmental Plant Biotechnology, Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tohoku University.
Research Projects

1. Plant cellular agriculture

Our research aims to explore the field of plant cell agriculture for food production using cell culture techniques. The concept of industrial production of agricultural products through cell culture is known as “cellular agriculture”. All organisms with cells are potential targets for production, and the cells themselves may play a role in the production process. Food produced through cell culture is called “cell-based food”, which includes cultured meat and fish that are commonly known. We aim to maximize the production potential of plant cell culture, explore the potential of animal and microbial cell culture, and establish sustainable agriculture for the future in collaboration with modern agriculture.


2. Cytoplasmic male sterility

It is believed that there are many potential genes in plant mitochondria that have been controlled by nuclear genes during the process of evolution. One of them is the cytoplasmic male sterility factor gene, which kills pollen. Control of the life and death of pollen can be utilized in F1 variety production and breeding. We aim to elucidate the relationship between the nucleus and mitochondria and contribute to breeding and biology.

Cellular Agriculture Institute of the Commons


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