Name KUDO Yuta
Affiliation Assistant Professor
Tel 022-757-4427
Fax 022-757-4425
Mail yuta.kudo.d5* (Please replace * with @)
Research Interest Natural Product Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
Career B.S. Faculty of Agriculture, Tohoku Univ. (2011), Graduate Scholl of Agricultural Science, Tohoku Univ. (2016, Ph.D.) Research Experience: JSPS Overseas Fellow at University of California, San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (2016―2018), Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Tohoku Univ. Graduate Scholl of Agricultural Science (2018―2019), Assistant Professor, Tohoku Univ. Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences and Graduate Scholl of Agricultural Science, Tohoku Univ. (2019―)
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Natural products, chemical compounds produced by secondary metabolism in living organisms, have provided variety of drugs and drug-leads such as antibiotics, anticancer drugs and agricultural chemicals. My research is focused on the unveiling unknown secondary metabolism machinery and the screening of new natural products using chemical and genomic approach.


Research Seeds

Potent neurotoxin in newt

Tetrodotoxin (TTX), one of the most famous natural toxins, possesses a rare and complex chemical structure. TTX is distributed worldwide in marine animals (such as pufferfish (Fugu), snails and crabs) and terrestrial amphibians (newts and frogs). Despite the high interest in TTX, the biosynthesis remains unresolved. We have been identifying the new TTX analogous and possible biosynthetic intermediate/shunt products from the TTX-bearing newt. The structures were elucidated via detailed chemical analysis. Based on the structures of novel compounds, we proposed the biosynthetic and shunt pathways of TTX in terrestrial organisms.—id-913.html—id-913.html