Name Tomohisa OGAWA
Affiliation Professor
Tel +81-22-757-4341
Fax +81-22-757-4343
Mail tomohisa.ogawa.c3* replace * with @)
Research Interest Enzymology, Protein Science, Protein engineering
Career JSPS Research fellow (DC/ PD) (1991), Assistant professor at Faculty of Science, Kyushu University (1991-1996); Associate professor at Faculty of Agricultural Science, Tohoku University (1997-2000); Associate professor at Graduate School of Life Sciences, Tohoku University (2001-2020); Visiting associate professor at Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University (2002-2004); Program leader at Center of Interdisciplinary Science, Tohoku University (2004-2009); Professor at Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tohoku University (2020-present)
Research Projects

1) Venomics project: venomous animal genome, transcriptome and proteome.
2) Molecular evolution of proteins: accelerated evolution, experimental molecular archeology using ancestral proteins.
3) Biomineralization mechanism: pearl shell nacre, protein-inorganic compound.
4) Lectin-carbohydrate interaction: cell regulation via carbohydrate recognition.