Name Hitoshi Shirakawa
Affiliation Professor
Tel +81-22-757-4402
Fax +81-22-757-4402
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Research Interest Nutritional biochemistry, Molecular nutrition
Career Education: B.S. Faculty of Agriculture, Tohoku Univ. (1986), M.S. Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tohoku Univ. (1988) Research Experience: Assis. Prof., Department of Biological Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science (1988―1997); Postdoctoral fellow, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, U.S.A. (1997―1999); Assis. Prof., (1997―1999), Assos. Prof., (2003―2019), Prof., (2019―), Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tohoku Univ.
Research map
Research Projects
  1. Novel functions of vitamins
    We focus on vitamin K and biotin. Previous our studies have indicated that vitamin K has anti-inflammatory effects via suppression of NFκB activation, and enhances steroidogenesis in testis via activation of adenylate cyclase. Biotin has been shown to improve insulin resistance and hypertension, and enhance steroidogenesis in testis. Currently, we are conducting the researches toward the application of these novel functions for the prevention and improvement of dementia and locomotive syndrome.
  2. Prevention and improvement of lifestyle-related diseases by fermented rice bran
    Rice bran, which is a by-product of the rice milling process, is rich in vitamins and other functional ingredients for health promotion. We have developed a unique fermented rice bran with dramatically improved health functionality by fermentation with fungi and lactic acid bacteria in collaboration with Yamagata University and others. We are analyzing its functionality using several disease models, isolating functional ingredients and clarifying the molecular mechanism.