Name SUZUKI Haruka
Affiliation Assistant Professor
Tel 022-757-4151
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Research Interest Ecology of seaweed beds, kelp population, Marine algal flora
Career Education: B.S. Faculty of Agriculture, Tohoku Univ. (2013), M.S. Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tohoku Univ. (2015), PhD (Agriculture) (2018) Research Experience: National Institute for Environmental Studies (2018―2021), Assis. Prof., Tohoku Univ. (2021―)
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Research Projects

1.Dynamics of seaweed communities on the rocky shore

Seaweed beds consisted of large brown algae are ecologically and fishery important ecosystems. I am studying the seaweeds beds dynamics and its relationship with herbivorous species, environmental factors, and coastal urbanization based on a field survey.

2.Connection among seaweed beds

“Moving” methods for seaweeds are microscopic spores released to seawater and drifting drop-offed leaves, but it is difficult to track themselves underwater. I am trying to reveal the connectivity among seaweed beds based on the analysis of population genetic structure, and it could be applied to the seaweed beds restoration technique and the explanation of the mechanism of seaweed bed formation.