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Research Interest Plant biotechnology, Plant molecular genetics
Career B.S. Faculty of Agriculture, Tohoku Univ. (1983), MC and DC of Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tohoku Univ. PhD (Agri.)(1988) Research Experience: Assis. Prof., Tohoku Univ. (1988-1991), Postdoctoral associate in Cornell Univ.(1988-1990), Associate Prof., Iwate Univ. (1991-1993), Associate Prof., Tohoku Univ. (1993-2005), Prof., Tohoku Univ. (2005―)
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Research Projects
  1. Molecular analysis of pollen development in conjunction with mitochondria exemplified by cytoplasmic male-sterility and fertility restoration.
    By looking at pollen development, we can visualize the environmental adaptation of the intracellular microcosm. One phenomenon related to pollen viability occurs through the interaction of mitochondrial and nuclear genes and is called cytoplasmic male sterility/fertility restoration. This trait is useful for breeding high yielding F1 hybrid varieties. We are working to elucidate the molecular basis of these traits in rice and to develop new breeding platforms.

  2. Molecular breeding of transgenic plants with novel characteristics and their biotechnological and environmental studies.
    We are conducting research on the addition of useful traits to crops using genetic modification technologies. Genes related to cool temperature tolerance, tolerance to high temperature and drought stress, and enhancement of pest resistance have been introduced into rice, and the traits have been evaluated. Recently, we have been working on the addition of useful traits employing genome editing.

  3. Development of novel plant biotechnological techniques.
    Using rice as a material, we are challenging the development of gene transfer technology to mitochondrial and chloroplast genomes, which has been impossible so far, and the development of genome editing technology for mitochondria, as well as genome editing technology to prevent foreign genes from being incorporated into the plant genome.
Research Seeds

Published a review on rice cytoplasmic male sterility!

Invited by The Japanese Society for Plant Biotechnology, I published a review article entitled “Molecular basis of cytoplasmic male sterility and fertility restoration in rice.” I summarized and explained anther and pollen phenotypes, mitochondrial male sterility genes, nuclear fertility restorer genes, mechanisms of fertility restoration, and applications to hybrid rice breeding.

Toriyama (2021) Plant Biotechnology 38, 285-295