Health Care & Counselling

Student Health Care Center (SHCC)

The Student Health Care Center conducts activities to maintain student health and promote healthy lifestyles while offering a variety of consultations and services concerning health.

Center for Counseling and Disability Services (CCDS)

The Counseling Office offers appropriate counseling to students about problems in their everyday lives, including academic work, future plans, interpersonal relationships, personal traits, and mental health. The Disability Services Office provides information and advice on disability issues and facilities support for students with visual, auditory, physical, internal and/or developmental handicaps.  To make an appointment, please contact the office by sending an email.
Counseling Office : gakuso* (Please replace * with @)
Disability Services Office : t-sien* (Please replace * with @)
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday / 9:30 to 17:00
Location: Kawauchi North Campus.

Miyagi Medical Institution Guide

Emergency Medical Care Centers
(Nighttime, Weekends and Holidays)

National Health Insurance

Take your National Health Insurance Card with you when going to see your doctor. By presenting your card, your medical costs at the hospital will be reduced 70% under the National Health Insurance Program.
In case you are hospitalized or have to undergo surgery, you can reduce the amount that you must pay at the hospital, by presenting a “Maximum Payable Amount Certificate”. If you expect to be charged high medical treatment fees, take your health insurance card, residence card and Individual Number “My Number” Card or Notification Card to the Health Insurance and Pension Division of your local ward office to apply for the Maximum Payable Amount Certificate prior to hospitalization or surgery.
If you are hospitalized before you have a chance to obtain the certificate, you must pay the whole amount of your medical fees at the hospital. After being discharged from the hospital, go to your local ward office to apply for the certificate, then return to the hospital reception desk and present it. The amount you overpaid will be transferred into your bank account a few months later.