1. Student Residences

University House
International House

2. Private Apartments and Houses

(1)Tohoku University (On Campus)
①Tohoku University COOP Real Estate Division (Welfare Facilities, Kawauchi North Campus)
*Map-based Apartment Search Engine
*Online Appointing
Phone: +81-(0)22-262-1775 E-mail: apart*tohoku-u.coop (Please replace * with @)
②Tohoku University COOP “Campus Life Support Plaza” (2F, Aobayama Midori Welfare Facilities)
Tel: +81-(0)22-721-5162
International Support Center (2F, Education and Student Support Center , Kawauchi North Campus)
The International Support Center provides housing services for international students and also helps the students to apply for the guarantor program. To make an appointment, please send e-mail along with the application form.
Tel: +81-(0)22-795-3773 E-mail: search-housing*grp.tohoku.ac.jp (Please replace * with @)

(2) Real Estate Agents (Outside the University)
Heiwa Juutaku Joho Center Kokubun-cho (Apaman Shop Kokubun-cho)
TEL:022-263-7998 E-mail:kokubun*heiwajuutaku.com (Please replace * with @)
*Appointment required for service in English
My room Sendai Sendai-Kita Branch (Chiyoda-machi) TEL:022-728-8393
Mast shop Kitayama (Sanjo-machi) TEL:022-273-4431
Housemate shop Sendai Branch  TEL:022-298-6778
Saijo Real Estate(Komegafukuro) TEL:022-227-8690
Home Stage (Tsutsujigaoka) TEL:022-293-7110
Apartments for international students in Japan (UniLife)
*It is better to make an appointment before you visit real estate agents.

*Renting Apartments for Beginners (Dec. 8, 2021)
*Guidebook for Tenants

3. Tohoku University International Student Housing Rent Joint Guarantor Program

The Tohoku University International Students Support Association provides a system that the Association acts as a joint guarantor when international students rent a private apartment. If you wish to apply for this system, please be sure to be enrolled in Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan and obtain the consent of your academic advisor in advance. The application process takes some time, so you must apply at least one month before you plan to move in. The guarantee period is effective while the student is in Tohoku University.

Application Procedures

4. Furnished Short Term and Long Term Dormitories for International Students and Researcher

Kyoritsu「Gakusyu – Shorei」 Dormitories
(Sendai Area)

Within 90 days
Rent : ¥54,000/m
(incl. electricity charge & two meals a day, furnished room)
Application Form


Tel : 022-223-2655
Fax : 022-223-8371

More than 91 days
Rent : ¥44,000/m (incl. two meals a day, furnished room)
Internet & Electricity Fee: ¥6,050/m
First month : ¥62,000 (Entrance Fee : ¥44,000, Room Cleaning Fee (per contract) : ¥15,000, Building Maintenance Fee (yearly) : ¥3000) 
Application Form

Urban Castle


Admission Fee:¥30,000
Administrative Fee:¥8,856/m
Management Fee:¥7,776/m
plus electricity charge

Tel : +81-22-713-8366
Fax : +81-22-713-8367

E-mail : uc-kawauchi*live.jp

(Please replace * with @)

Short Stays(From 1 night)
¥2,900/night (excl. tax) 〜

5. Public Housing

(1)Miyagi Prefectural Housing

(2)Sendai Municipal Housing : Application Guide for Sendai City Municipal Housing

(3) Miyagi Public Rental Housing : Applicants need to meet the income requirements.

(4) UR Rental Housing  : UR rental housing is one type of public rental housing provided in Japan. No guarantor is required to rent the unit, but applicants’ monthly income should be four times the amount of the rent or balance in the bank exceeding a fixed amount.
      A Guide for Residents

6. Moving

Tohoku University Inform the Student Affairs Section (Kyomu-Gakari) of your change of address.
City Ward Office You need to register your new address at the ward office within 14 days after you moved. Please don’t forget to bring your residence card there so that your new address will be shown on it.
Post Office Go through the procedure for your change of address, so that mail sent to your old address will be automatically transferred to your new address for one year.
Gas, Electricity and Water Call each utility office at least one week prior to moving out.
Telephone Company For mobile phones, inform your provider of your new address.
Financial Institutions Address changes should be informed to all banks and credit card companies with which you have accounts.
Police Station If you have a driver’s license, you are expected to submit an address-change notice to the police department or the Driver Licensing Center that has jurisdiction over your new address.

*Moving-out of your apartment, settling fees, and departing (Japan Departure Guide)
*SENDAI Living Information
*Life in Sendai