Linkage Program

Linkage Program between
Tohoku University and Brawijaya University

In this program 2 Graduate Schools of Tohoku University (Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Graduate school of Environmental Studies) will receive 4 graduate students in total each year from Brawijaya University. Students must succeed in the entrance examination (“transfer” examination) which will be carried out by Tohoku University in cooperation with Brawijaya University’s professors at Brawijaya University.

After succeeding the entrance examination, students will be registered as a graduate student (of master course, second year) of Tohoku University at one of the above-mentioned graduate schools.

Graduate Students will confer the master degree after they could satisfy the required condition (30 credits).

The credits which the students took at Brawijaya University will be transferred to Tohoku University up to about 10 credits. So they have to take another 20 credits at Tohoku University.

At the graduate school to which they belong, students have to take 10-12 credits (one subject corresponds to 2 credits; it means 5 or 6 subjects).

In addition, students have to attend Seminar regularly and write the master’s thesis under supervisor’s instruction. Students will be given 10 credits to the master’s thesis and taking Seminar after defending the thesis.

The student who graduate from the Graduate School of Agricultural Science will be conferred the degree of “Master of Agricultural Science,” while one who graduate from the Graduate School of Environmental Studies will be conferred the degree of “Master of Environmental Studies” or “Master of Philosophy.”


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