Background and Objective



Tohoku University started the International Joint Educational Program of Human Security from April 2005, on the basis of mutual collaboration among four gradate schools comprising the Graduate School of Agricultural Science, of Medicine, of International Cultural Studies and of Environmental Studies. Please refer Tohoku University International Post-Graduate Program in Human Security.


The Graduate School of Agricultural Science intends to contribute this program in the sector of food and agrarian issues.


The human race has exploited the nature and has promoted the social and economic development so far. This effort has been extremely accelerated after the World War Two. However, various human activities recently have altered the vulnerability of human security and producing new type of problems which would be hardly solved by the existing political, social, economic, and cultural system, particularly amid the post-Cold War advancement of globalization. Poverty and socio-political unrest have deteriorated dignity of the human person in developing countries.


Aiming to contribute to redeeming human dignity, Food & Agriculture for Human Security Program will educate students and conduct researches especially on food security, rural development for poverty alleviation, sustainable agricultural development and resource management.


Fields of Study which will accept application for the Human Security Program are;


International Development Studies


Agricultural Economics and Farm Management


Field Science and Technology for Society




Environmental Economics



What's New


Food & Agriculture for Human Security Program (the Graduate School of Agricultural science) will accept applications for admission.



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