Tohoku Univ. Brassica Seed Bank

Last Update: 2021.7.05

(since 2001.9.20)

1. About Tohoku Univ. Brassica Seed Bank

Brassicaceae germplasm listed here includes genus Brassica and its allies, consisting of 58 genus, 177 species, and 758 lines. In this laboratory, Brassicaceae plants have been collected by expeditions to Mediterranean area and seed exchange with universities and institutes in many countries for 50 years since Prof. U. Mizushima. These lines have been maintained by renewing seeds, stored in a cold room, and used for the study of plant genetics and breeding. This germplasm is listed in "Brassica Crops and Wild Allies" edited by Tsunoda, Hinata, and Gomez-Campo published in 1980. Names of the species in this home page were described following "Biology of Brassica Coenospecies" edited by Gomez-Campo published in 1999.
This Brassicaceae germplasm can be offered freely for the study of plant genetics and breeding to scientists in the world.

Recipients of the seeds in this germplasm are required to agree the following items:
1. Delivered lines will not to be given or sold to a third party.
2. Delivered lines will be used for research purposes only.
3. A copy of the published paper will be sent to the contributor.

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3. How to order

All stocks can be provided free of charge for research purposes only. To order seed stock, please print and fill out the order form, and send to the address described below.

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Address for information and ordering

Prof. Hiroyasu kitashiba
Lab. Plant Breeding and Genetics
Graduate School of Agriculture,
Tohoku University, 
468-1 Aramaki Aoba,Aoba-ku,Sendai, 980-0845,
(Please change * to @ while sending an e-mail.) 

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