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About us

The Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011 has caused tremendous damage to the ecosystem of Tohoku's Pacific coast. For the recovery of the fishing industry in this maritime region it is an important task to employ scientific survey methods to precisely comprehend the impact of this catastrophe on the marine ecosystem and the mechanisms by which marine resources recover.

In order to address these problems, Tohoku University with its Tohoku Ecosystems- Marine Sciences project created a partnership with the Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute of the University of Tokyo and the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology. This is an attempt to scientifically investigate the impact of March 2011 earthquake and tsunami catastrophe on the ecosystems along the coastal and offshore areas of Iwate Prefecture to Miyagi Prefecture and assesses the changes of the ecosystems through the process of recovery. Thus, by revealing the mechanism of ecosystem recovery based on long-term surveys and research, this project aims to contribute from a scientific viewpoint to the rebuilding of the regional industries and here particularly its fisheries sector.

Furthermore, by collecting the vast set of biological, chemical and physical information in databases which are made open to the general public and the disaster-affected regions in Tohoku, this project aims to generate a valuable scientific legacy. In order to communicate the research projects schemes and results to the public, Tohoku University's has created a homepage. We hope that all information provided here will contribute to the recovery of the fisheries industry along the Pacific coast of the Tohoku region.

Project representative: KIJIMA Akihiro

Project representative: KIJIMA Akihiro