International Education and Research Center for Food and Agricultural Immunology


Announcement of「CFAI  Special Seminar 2024」
Sudeb Saha, Ph.D.  (Associate Prof. Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh)
Title :Probiotic Approaches: An Emerging Trend and Future Prospects to Improve Animal Production
Venue :Main Lecture Room, Aobayama-commons
Date : June 20th (Thu.), 2024
Time : 15:00 -16:00

Announcement of「 International Symposium 2024 on Innovative Research and Education Center for Food and Eating Science
Date : Junuary 26th (Fri.), 2024
Time : 15:00 -18:00
Venue :Online
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 Announcement of「CFAI  Special Seminar」
Ardiansyah, PhD. (Department of Food Technology, Universitas Bakrie, Jakarta Indonesia)
Title :Functional Properties of Fermented Rice Bran
Venue :Main Meeting Room (1F), Graduate School of Agricultural Science
Date : December 12th (Tue.), 2023
Time : 13:30 –

Announcement of「CFAI  Special Seminar」
Dr. Niel Karrow (University of Guelph Adjunct professor, Tohoku University)
Title :In vitro Assessment of Mycotoxin Toxicity and Mitigation
Venue :Main Meeting Room (1F), Graduate School of Agricultural Science
Date : November 29th (Wed.), 2023
Time : 13:00 -14:00

Announcement of「CFAI 特別セミナー」
Dr. Niel Karrow (University of Guelph)
Title : Assessing genetic and epigenetic contributions to the ovine stress response phenotype using bacterial endotoxin
Venue :Lecture Room #4, Aobayama-Commons
Date : October 30th (Mon.), 2023
Time : 13:00 -14:00

Announcement of「CFAI Special Seminar Plant Virology」
Dr. Richard Komelink (Wageningen University and Research)
Title : On the stories behind (a)typical dominant and recessive resistance genes against Geminiviruses
Venue :Lecture Room #1, Aobayama-Commons
Date : September 26th (Tue.), 2023
Time : 10:00 -11:00

 Announcement of「6大学共催フォーラム第13回」
Title : Designing foods for the future
Venue :TOKYO ELECTRON House of Creativity(Tohoku Forum for Creativity)
Date : August 28th (Thu.), 2023
Time : 13:30 -17:35
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 Announcement of「CFAI Special Lecture」
Dr. Suh-Ching Yang, PhD. (School of Nutrition and Health Sciences, Taipei Medical University)
Title : Alcoholic liver diseases and nutrition
Venue :Main Meeting Room (1F), Graduate School of Agricultural Science
Date : August 25th (Fri.), 2023
Time : 13:00 –

Announcement of 「CFAI Special Seminar 2022」
Date,Venue: Feb. 2th (Thu), 16:30~18:00, Lecture Room #2, Aobayama-Commons
Date,Venue: Feb. 3th (Fri), 16:30~18:00, Lecture Room #1, Aobayama-Commons

 Announcement of「CFAIセミナー」
Dr. Wenbin GU (Laboratory of Aquaculture Biology)
Dr. Qun Jiang (Laboratory of Aquaculture Biology)
Venue :Lecture Room #5, Aobayama-Commons
Date : January 10th (Tue.), 2023
Time : 17:00 –

2022 CFAI Special Seminar
Dr. Julio VILLENA(Senior Researcher, CERELA-CONICET, Argentina)
Dr. A. K. M. Humayun KOBER(Prof., Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Bangladesh)
Dr. Maria Guadalupe VIZOSO PINTO(Senior Reseacher, Prof., INSIBIO (CONICET and National University of Tucumán), Argentina)
Date and Time: November 25th(Fri) 17:30-19:00
Venue: Main conference room (1F)