There are following three entrances to become a student of the Faculty of Agriculture /Graduate School of Agricultural Science.

Financial Support (for graduate students)

Contents of the Degree Programs and Financial Support Aid Programs for Graduate Students in our graduate school is as follows.

In Japanese
In English

The following link is Financial Aid page of Tohoku University, scholarship opportunities like MEXT Scholarship etc.

Financial Aid

Schedules for Entrance Examinations

Applications for Graduate School proceed as follows:-

Selection Application deadline Entrance examination Enrollment
 Human Security Program Selection Middle-April  Late-May October
Special Selection for International Students
 Human Security Program Selection Late-November  Late-January April
Special Selection for International Students

* It is recommended that those who want to enroll in our graduate school should contact professors or laboratories you are interested in at first. You can find laboratories on this website under “Courses”.
*Please consult with expected supervisor and get an agreement to accept you as a prospective student.
*Those who want to take the special selection for the international students to the Master’s Program are required to enroll as a research student at first for at least six months in principle.
*If you wish to apply for the Special Selection for International Students to the Doctoral Program, it is recommended that you enroll as a research student at first for at least 6 months in principle.
* When taking the graduate school entrance examination or applying as a research student, you will need to submit scores from the English or Japanese language proficiency examinations. Please check each application guidelines for valid test types, required scores, and expiration dates.