Marine Biosciences Course

Marine Plant Ecology


Studies on sustaining mechanisms of marine rocky reef ecosystem


In subtidal rocky communities, kelp and fucoid forests have relatively high levels of primary production, of which productivities are more than those of tropical forests. These forests also include myriad associated biota and collectively act as one of the most diverse and productive ecosystem in the world. For preservation of high productivity and sustainable fishery production in subtidal rocky communities, our studies focus on

1)species interaction between benthic herbivores and marine algae

2)photosynthesis and nutrient uptake of marine algae and

3)production and population dynamics of benthic herbivores and marine algae, leading to development of marine forestation and cultivation technologies.


Marine forest, herbivorous grazers, sea urchin, gastropod, marine forestation, Eisenia, Ecklonia, Sargassum