Marine Biosciences Course

Biological Oceanography


Elucidate the sustainable utilization of marine living resources and the structure and function of marine ecosystems through research on plankton and benthos.


Plankton and benthos in lower trophic levels are playing an important role in establishing, maintaining and altering global environment as well as sustaining production of marine ecosystems. We are studying plankton and benthos not only from the view point of sustainable resource utilization, but from biological oceanographic interests to clarify structure and function of marine ecosystems, and evaluate the effects of global warming and natural and anthropogenic disturbances on marine ecosystems. Research fields span from nearby coastal area to remote oceans such as Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Antarctic Oceans, and deep sea. Major topics include biology, ecology and molecular ecology of polychaetes and microalgae.


Plankton, Benthos, Life history, Ecology, Taxonomy, Molecular ecology, Polychaete, Useful and harmful algae, Biological oceanography