Affiliation Professor
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Research Interest Polychaete ecology, Biological Oceanography
Career Education: Graduated from the Department of Fisheries Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Tohoku University, and completed the doctoral course in Fisheries Science at the same Tohoku university
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Research Projects

*Polychaeta (Annelida) biology and ecology

*Effects of various disturbances on marine benthic animals

*Biology and ecology of benthic animals in polar and deep oceans


Connect plankton and benthos to understand the ocean. In particular, I focus on the spionid polychaetes of the Phylum Annelida.


Same as molluscs and crustaceans, annelid polychaetes are considered to be one of the three major groups of organisms in marine ecosystems, possessing a large abundance and biomass, rich in diversity, and adapted to all marine environments. Despite the fact that the Phylum Annelida plays an important role in the ecosystem, its relationship with humans is rare, and still not well understood because it is less visible than other phyla. For example, humans do not actively use annelids as food, but other animals do, and annelids are an important group of organisms that are indispensable for functions such as water and sediment purification and material circulation. There are many annelid researchers in the world, and we enjoy collaborating with each other and developing our research through connecting the waters. Please visit us once to see the annelid polychaetes. That first step will open the door to do research on the unknown annelids that are responsible for the maintenance and stability of marine ecosystems.


Comment: The oceans are globally connected, from the Pacific Ocean to the Antarctic Ocean, from shallow waters to the deep sea. I will explore the marine world with an awareness of time and space, and with a broad perspective.

Universality and diversity; Connecting without dividing; Have roots, have wings.