Animal Science

Animal Food Function


Exploring functions of animal foods and beneficial microbes for better health of human and animals


Animal products (milk, meat and eggs) and beneficial microbes including lactic acid bacteria (immunobiotics), bidobacteria and other intestinal bacteria are studied with expertise of immunology and microbiology to elucidate their functional roles in human and animal health and to apply them for developing novel functional foods and feeds.


We are currently working on following topics

1) Establishment of novel immunobiotics, lactic acid bacteria with immuno-modulatory functions, for improving animal health

2) Elucidation of immunomodulatory mechanisms of immunobiotics using animal cell lines

3) Exploration of novel food materials with functions to augment effectiveness of immunobiotics (immunosynbiotics) and to modulate intestinal microbiota

4) Characterization of exopolsaccharides of lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria


milk, dairy products, animal products, lactic acid bacteria, bifidobacteria, probiotics, (post)immunobiotics, immunosynbiotics, mucosal immunity, gut microbiota