Plant Science

Applied Entomology


Study on chemical ecology of insects and lethal effect of blue light


Laboratory of Applied Entomology studies insect science. There are two main subjects in the laboratory.

  1. Chemical ecology of insects:

    Phytophagous insects chose their host plants using various chemical cues called feeding stimulant, feeding deterrent, attractant, and repellent. Mechanism of the insects’ host selection and the chemical cues (semiochemicals) are studied in the laboratory.

  1. Lethal effect of blue light:

    Our laboratory found that shorter wavelength of visible light (violet–blue light) can kill various insects. We study physiological mechanisms of lethal effect in the blue light, and moreover we study practical use of blue light for pest control.



Insects, Chemical ecology, Host selection, Feeding stimulant, Feeding deterrent, Attractant, Repellent, Blue light