Marine Biosciences Course

Fisheries Biology and Ecology


Studies on fluctuating mechanisms of coastal resources, and fisheries management strategy


Laboratory of Fisheries Biology and Ecology studies the coastal fisheries biology and its relationship with environmental condition, and tries to reveal the fluctuation mechanism of coastal resources and to theorize the fisheries management for them.

  1. Fisheries biology of coastal fishes and fisheries management strategy
  2. Life histories of coastal fishes, bivalves and various aquatic animals
  3. Analysis and evaluation of function of coastal and estuarine areas as

nursery grounds for marine organisms

  1. Analysis of individual environmental record by otolith microchemistry
  2. Population analysis using environmental DNA technique
  3. Fisheries after the Great East Japan Earthquake on 11 March, 2011


Fisheries resources, Coastal fisheries, Life history, Coastal ecosystem, Fisheries management, Otolith, Environmental DNA