Tohoku University University House / International House Application for New Residence

We are now accepting new residence applications from international students for Tohoku University’s University House and International House dormitories.

How to apply: Please fill out the application forms and submit them to the student affairs section by e-mail (agr-kyom* / please replace * with @).
Application Deadline: Friday, July 12, 2024
Eligibility for Residence:
International students (undergraduate students, graduate students, research students, non-degree students, special auditing students, special research students) who are currently enrolled (or expected to be enrolled) at Tohoku University as of October 2024 are eligible.
(1) Current students (including students who lived in a university dorm in the past) can apply for dormitory rooms.  Those who are currently staying at UH or IH and whose residence period will expire in in September 2024 can also apply again.  However, new students will be given priority in the selection process.  In addition, those who have violated the rules or caused inconvenience to other residents in their previous stay will not be allowed to move in.
(2) International students planning to enter Tohoku University (or already applied to Tohoku University) in October 2024 can apply to the dorm rooms.

For details, please see the application guide.

Application Guide
Application Form
Application for Extension