Residence Card & "My Number"

Extension of the Valid Period of Your Residence Card

Please check your Residence Card‘s expiration date and be sure to renew it before it expires. You can apply for an extension at the Sendai Immigration Bureau (Phone: 022-256-6076). The application can be accepted 3 months prior to the date of expiration. We hardly recommend you to apply for an extension well in advance.
Necessary documents are listed as below.
1. Application for Extension of Period of Stay
  Organization part of the application
 •For organization Part 1 P (“Student”)
 •For organization Part 2 P (“Student”)
 are issued by the Student Affairs Section (Kyomu-Gakari).
 It normally takes two or three business days to be issued.
2. ID photo (4cm×3cm)
3. Passport & Residence Card
4. Fee: 4,000 yen (Payment must be made with revenue stamps.)
5. Student Registration Certificate & Transcript
6. Documents certifying that you have the means to pay for all expenses incurred while in Japan, such as Certificate of Scholarship, bank statement, etc.
For further information or inquiries, please contact the Immigration Information Center.
(Weekdays between 8:30 to 17:15 / Phone: 0570-013904 or 03-5796-7112).

You must leave Japan promptly (within two weeks) upon ceasing to be enrolled at Tohoku University due to graduating, completion, expiry, withdrawal, expulsion, etc. Even if your Residence Card has not yet expired, you cannot remain in Japan after you are no longer a Tohoku University student. You must either leave Japan promptly, or change your residence status as appropriate. 
Staying in Japan after your card expires is illegal, and will result in deportation or a departure order.
 If a foreign national is deported from Japan or leaves Japan with the departure order, the foreign national may not, in principle, land Japan for a certain period (i.e., landing denial period) as stipulated in the Immigration Control Act.
The following rules will be applicable:
1. Foreign nationals who have left Japan with the departure order may not land Japan for 1 year since the date of leaving Japan.
2. Foreign nationals who have been deported from Japan so far (except for the case “3”) may not land Japan for 5 years since the date of deportation.
3. So-called repeaters (foreign nationals who has been deported from Japan or has left Japan with the departure order) may not land Japan for 10 years since the date of deportation.

*Residence Procedures Necessary when your Enrollment at Tohoku University Ends

Social Security and Tax Number “My Number”

Once you officially become a resident in Japan, a Social Security & Tax Number, also called “My Number” will be issued by the Japanese government. This 12-digit “My Number” is required on various occasions such as when opening your bank account, applying to extend your visa, working at a part-time job, etc. A “Notification Card” with your “My Number” on it will be sent to your address by registered mail. If you are not at home when delivery is attempted, your card will be held at your local post office for a limited time only. Please follow the instructions on the undeliverable mail notice to arrange for redelivery before the deadline expires.