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In many Asian developing countries, the majority of the population is still dependent on agriculture. Agricultural and rural development is crucially important to create employment opportunity, to increase income, and to supply food. The development is, however, constrained by the lack of technologies, investment capital, human capital, market institutions, and many other development resources.   

Our objective is to undertake a comprehensive policy study for the development of agrarian economies in Asia. The analytical tools of development economics on agriculture are employed and empirical studies based on field research take high priority. The fruits of the area studies regarding Asian countries are expected to form our noetic basis.   

Our major research items are as follows;
(1) Comparative analysis between Asian countries and Japan regarding agricultural and rural development policy,
(2) Economic development and its impact on factor markets in rural areas of developing Asia,
(3) Distribution system/institutions of agricultural products market and the role of agribusinesses in Asian countries and Japan,
(4) Optimal resource use enabling sustainable agricultural development in monsoon Asia, and
(5) International cooperation for Asian countries; its system, theory and the role of Japan.


Professor Hitoshi YONEKURA
Associate Professor Katsuhito FUYUKI
Assistant Professor Nina TAKASHINO
Doctral Course Tomoki KAMIURA
Master Course Yu Shimakura
Syu, Run
Debby Dayustia (Humansecurity Program)
Indri Nugaheni (Humansecurity Program)
Yuki Chiba
Hiroyuki Ozaki
Li, Shikou
Undergraduate Saho Ikegami
Kanji Tsuji
Kouji Murayama