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Overview of the AMB Degree Program

At Tohoku University, we employ our extensive knowledge of life in the ocean to address global issues, both now and in the future. The Applied Marine Biology (AMB) degree program offers a marine science curriculum with an emphasis on practical research applications related to all aspects of marine and organismal sciences.

Our courses and scientific evaluations focus on solutions to address global challenges using novel research approaches in the following areas:

First year AMB students receive instruction and training in a broad range of general and specialized subject areas, including ecology, physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology, as well as practical laboratory techniques. AMB students are quickly introduced to, and gain broad understanding of, a diversity of marine animal, plant and microbial systems. This forms the basis of a solid four-year experience culminating in an independent research project in one of our seven plus laboratories. This four-year undergraduate program prepares students to conduct leading-edge research in marine biological resources that will have a positive impact on the environment and people around the globe.

AMB Student & Professor Testimonials

“I initially had a lot of worries about studying and adapting to a new environment and country, but those concerns quickly faded as everyone is friendly and very helpful! Even though the classes are keeping me busy, everything is enjoyable!”   (First year AMB student)

“As a second year AMB student, one year’s study here has already confirmed the correct choice I made to enter the AMB Program. The reasonable range of curricula, many practical classes and sophisticated professors are helping me achieve my academic ambitions gradually. Also, Sendai is a good place to study and live; it is known for kind people and delicious food. I enjoy every day here in Sendai.”   (Second year AMB student)

“AMB students have come to Sendai, Japan from many corners of the world to complete a 4-year English-taught degree in Applied Marine Biology (AMB). I am as astounded by their scholarship as I am by their bravery and determination to achieve the challenging goal of graduating from a top-tier Japanese university. Tohoku University is one of just a handful of universities worldwide offering a degree in Applied Marine Biology — a quickly growing and broadly versatile degree course that prepares students for graduate school and a career in STEM fields.”   (AMB professor, Future Global Leaders Program)

Skills and Techniques Acquired in the AMB Program

Career Perspectives

Tohoku University has a solid tradition in Japan and a good reputation around the world as a university that prepares students for success in academic and career pursuits. Throughout their time here at Tohoku University, AMB students are encouraged to take prominent leadership roles in marine-related research that will prepare them for graduate school and careers either here in Japan or back in their home countries.

Against the backdrop of the Tohoku University Faculty of Agriculture, AMB degree-holders are presented with a variety of opportunities from which to choose. Many AMB students continue their academic pursuits in graduate programs, either here in Japan or at other renowned institutions across the globe. A significant number of AMB students have pursued research careers in industry, or in fields as varied as biopharmaceuticals or environmental sciences, either with governmental agencies, NGOs or in the private sector.